Meet Kasparian, the Mouse spelunker!
The star of my game project.

She was a formal prisoner who’s now making her way UP out of the mine.

Character inspired by the Pandawa & Pandaren from Wakfu/Dofus & Warcraft (respectfully)
She’s sorta like a monk & samurai fusion?

And of course you can see more pictures on the ArtStation post here:

There’s some stuff I haven’t fixed yet that I only spotted after hastily uploading. But it’s basically 99% 🙂
I did this originally to make a character, but I ended up learning so much about processes in Zbrush, maya, and even baking workflow. So it was beneficial to me in many ways.

I’m not really a character artist, so it lacks a lot of pizzaz or spark.
Inspired by Wakfu/Dofus & World of Warcraft. (Both have amazing Panda races!!!)